“The more we develop, the greater the opportunity to improve.”

In 2010 Crestway Building Services recognised the need to be smarter about operations, internally and in the field. In consultation with similar contractors, we identified the need to take workflow management processes online. So began our journey into a largely paperless world, with creation of Wyteboard.

As we learnt more, the system evolved. From quoting to invoicing and everything in between, we developed a fully integrated online management tool, through which the efforts of our field staff, contractors, management and clients are kept in sync, in real time.

Wyteboard enabled our business to identify issues and inefficiencies, become streamlined, efficient and, as a result, more profitable.

We want other businesses which are like ours was five years ago to enjoy the benefits and development our knowledge and experience can deliver.

Our challenge is to continue the journey, work with similar businesses and continue to develop and expand the breadth and depth of benefits Wyteboard can deliver across more business types, industries and geography.


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